Road map to ECO-LINE Recreation Centre

1) 144 km along the М-9 motorway, Novorizhskoye highway, until the road sign:

2) Turn left after 500 m, road sign:

3) Continue straight for 2 km past Shakhovskaya station until the railway crossing, road sign:

4) Turn left after the crossing ("main road" road sign), to Uvarovka:

5) Continue straight for 13 km until the sign:

6) In Sereda, at the crossroads with road sign:

7) After 200 m, turn right at the crossroads to M.Krutoye and continue for 16 km until the road sign:

8) Turn left at the sign for Petushki and continue straight for 6 km until the ECO-LINE Hunting Centre (to the left of the road), stop 1 km before the village of Petushki.

Contact tel.: +7 (910) 767-75-35, Oleg Malikhov
Guard: +7 (910) 723-29-62 (vehicle pass)