Raccoon dog

A predatory omnivorous mammal of the Canidae family (canine) the size of a small dog. Its body length is 65–80 cm, its tail is 15–25 cm and it weighs 4–10 kg. The body is stocky and long. It has short legs. This predator resembles a North American raccoon because of the color of its muzzle. It has dark brown fur, with lighter underfur; the fur is long and thick, but coarse. It has a dark stripe on its back. The muzzle has a dark pattern in the shape of a mask. The cheeks have ash-gray side whiskers. The raccoon dog's tail is short, bushy, without crossing stripes (unlike the tail of a raccoon).

Types of hunt:

    Hunting with dogs:

  • Individual hunting with dogs, the hunt is held over 2 to 5 days, with preparation for the hunt upon prior request. Applications for participating in a hunt must be submitted at least one week in advance. Hunters are allowed to take their dogs.
  • September 15 – February 28
  • Spot-and-stalk hunting:

  • Individual stop-and-stalk hunting or stand hunting; the hunt is held over 1 day, an additional hunt is possible with hunting for prey in several places during the day.
  • September 15 – February 28
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The price of the hunt and hunting trophies does not include the cost of accommodation. The hunt is carried out in accordance with Hunting Terms and Conditions.